Apply for the new VSSD board 2021/2022

VSSD is looking for new board members!

Would you like to do something besides your studies? Or do you want to mean something for the student community? If so, then join the VSSD board! The goal of our organization is rather versatile, in a nutshell, we are present at every discussion on new development of student interests. This includes student rights, quality of education, student health and much more. Some of this we do alone, but we also work a lot with other student organizations both inside and outside of Delft. This means that you, as a board member, will work a lot with partnering organizations, but also with our staff and committee members.


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WhatsApp: 06-42722351
Instagram: @vssd_studentenvakbond
Twitter: @VSSD

Job information

Many opportunities will present themselves for the board members of the VSSD. For example speaking with important people within TU Delft, local politicians and national politicians to promote the interests of Delft’s students. Moreover, the VSSD is the sole student interest advocate for students on all TU’s across the country, as the other “TU cities” do not have their own student advocacy organization. That is why it can be said that you as a board member are representative of the students on all TU’s throughout the Netherlands. A considerable responsibility.

You also enter into discussions with many student organizations. This ranges from local small-time organizations up to national ones such as: the LSVb (National Student Union) and the ISO (Interurban Student Consultation). This makes your job quite diverse; your day may end at a Christmas dinner in Utrecht or having a drink in Amsterdam. All the while you are keeping an entire organization running from behind the scenes. In the end you are in charge of a company with employees and responsibilities, your function will include managing projects, holding internal meetings to determine the future of the VSSD, but you also help, for example, a Delft student with problems with her landlord. These responsibilities will teach you key skills that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

Of course, you do not do this alone, but in a close-knit team of board members. You will be in constant contact with each other and work together to achieve great things that will have a remaining impact on the lives of countless students. With your fellow board members, you will have a super fun, exciting and educational year you will never forget!

Practical information

The deadline for applying is Saturday the 3rd of July. After which, we’ll make an informed decision as to who would be the best fit for our board. Before we make this decision, we’ll meet with every applicant on zoom and in our office to get to know each other. Think this board is something for you? Then apply via the small form on the right, or contact us on any of the platforms listed!

After the new board has been approved, the training will start. Because this training coincides with the summer holidays, we left plenty of room in our training schedule, so you can enjoy your summer days as well! The training will be both at home and in the office, where you'll slowly take over tasks to get a feel for it. Furthermore, we have many documents of procedure and information for if you get stuck, or would like to know more. However, most of it will be taught by the currently sitting board!

The 1st of September is the day the new board will take on their positions and start their year as board members! It'll be around 16 hours a week, so there will be plenty of time for studies, fun activities and of course leisure!

Information booklet

Contains all the necessary information on our organisation, board and practical information if you would like to apply!


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